Tips2012 iPad App Guide #10: Socrative

Socrative is marketed as a “student engagment” and “instant assessment” e-clicker device which runs off ANY web browser (on your laptop, smartphone, iPod, iPad, etc).

It enables teachers to quickly and easily set up short multiple choice / short-answer / quiz assessment activities, which students respond to using their own devices. Student responses are collated, and displayed on the classroom screen or emailed to the teacher.

According to educational research by deJong and Lane (2009), many students and teachers find “clickers” extremely engaging, so Socrative may well be worth experimenting with (depending on your preferred teaching approach). It is a cheaper alternative to traditional (hardware) clicker response systems.

For: Students, Teachers (in 1:1 or BYOD classrooms), University Lecturers

Cost: Currently Free (Requires Teacher Registration)

Download: Teacher Version    Student Version

Requires Wi-Fi: Yes

Socrative introduction video  from Socrative Inc. on Vimeo.

Educational Applications

  • Instant assessment / feedback
  • Polling in Class, Lectures, Conference presentations

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