TIPS Research Project

The TIPS Project uses iPads to implement learning challenges in classrooms. This blog is designed to guide and support teachers and pre-service teachers as they explore ways of using iPads in classrooms.

In the videos below I share my thoughts on the project at the beginning and at the end of phase 1.

Tips research m-learning 1

Video diary capturing reflections at the end of  phase one of the project

Please engage and contribute your experiences and comments. Your contributions are most welcome.

Dr. Jenny Lane

Edith Cowan University
Perth, Western Australia
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14 thoughts on “TIPS Research Project

  1. Jenny, it’s terrific to know that you are providing a rich, evidence based list of suitable Apps with the research thrown in. The embedded pedagogy promotes the open-endedness that is essential for learners through interactive, meaningful tasks. Resulting child, teacher and parent engagement will result in higher order learning for all. Fantastic, I will watch for the next additions.

    • Thanks Jan
      Your support and comments are highly valued.
      It is such a pleasure to be working with so many fantastic teachers. This is a collaborative effort I get lots of feedback, ideas and suggestions from teachers.

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  3. Jenny,
    I am very interested in your research and how it might apply to preschool aged children. I volunteer at a preschool and have obtained the money to buy iPads for use in their classroom. I am just wondering about the best way to incorporate them in a preschool setting. Can you help me?

    • Dear Jan
      It is great to hear about your project. Ipads and tablet technologies can be used very successfully in preschool settings. We have a number of early childhood classes in the research project. Where is your school? If you send me some more details I can assist you on suitable applications and activities for your students.

      • Hi! Thanks for your reply – sorry my reply has been so long in coming! We got the money today and I may be able to expand the iPads to the whole preschool – not just for the kiddies with special needs!!!!!

        I would welcome any advice, reading, pointers etc I became keen because of the shortage of speech pathologists in our country town of Bathurst NSW & saw the ipad as a way of working with the children to expand their vocabulary, gain confidence and speak clearly. I have since discovered they have a whole lot more to offer since reading your Bloom’s taxonomy!!!! My daughter is a Senior lecturer at CSU and I was even able to help her by recommending one of the apps you had listed.

        So, already you have made a difference to us in Bathurst!

        Any other suggestions would be so welcome.
        Thank you!

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  6. I have a grandson in year 2 who has been having learning difficulties because of chronic adenoid and tonsil problems. He may have to wait another year for his operation! I want to know how to use the iPad and other aids to help him to be ready for yr 3. I also know 3 other young kids with similar problems and would love to learn how to teach families to help their children as a career. I do not have teacher training but am passionate about this issue. Too many kids are having behavioural and learning problems because the parents have no idea what to do ! iPads are one more way to help in this techno age, but I also want to teach them how to understand the needs of their children.
    Your study sounds intriguing. I have only had the iPad for 2 months and have not found many people who know which are the best age appropriate apps and the best value for money! I wish you all the best !

    • Dear Nola
      I wish you you all the best in helping your grandson. The best way is for you to use the ipad as a shared time to play games and promote conversation with him. Get him to point to pictures on the screen and use this to develop his receptive and expressive develop his vocabulary.The are lots of great activities to develop early literacy skills. Use the camera app to record yourself and him discussing topics then he can play can and listen to the stories and conversations even when you are not with him.
      Mostly enjoy your time with him and have fun together this will promote a love of learning.
      Dr. Jenny Lane

  7. Hi Jenny
    Thanks for the great resources, they have been very helpful. My school has had a bank of 20 iPads for over a year, so teachers have had an opportunity to experiment with them in their classrooms. The next stage is to get teachers successfully integrating them in the teaching, learning and assessment cycle. We are in the process of coming up with a plan on how best to do this. I would love the opportunity to pick your brain.

    Regards Belinda

    • Dear Belinda
      Thanks for your positive feedback.You may be interested in the workshops I am running at the ACEC2012 conference.
      These are on the 2 oct take a look on the ACEC2012 website.
      All are welcome. Workshop1 is for beginners and workshop 2 is integrating iPads into the curriculum.

      • This is very interesting. Iam busy with my Masters in E-Leaning. My question: How to use technology t0 bring the curriculum to learners? Any information will be good

        • Dear JJ
          This is the question that I am currently writing about. I have recently presented a paper at the Acec2012 conference and have others in press. I will add links on the blog when they are available.
          Good luck with your studies

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