Tips2012:Embedplus manage video clips

This post is an answer to Jamie’s question today about working with video footage. This is not an app but I hope this does what you need Jamie. You may have to do this on a computer and then upload to the iPad. I am still searching for an app to do this.
Embed plus lets you crop, loop, annotate and embed video footage. Let us know how you use it in your class.

Tips2012 iPad App Guide #6: iMovie

iMovie is an easy to use, touch based, video editing app for iPad. It enables students and teachers to create professional looking movies, incorporating video, photos, music, and sound effects. It was recently updated to enable users to create incredibly realistic movie trailers!

To get started, we highly recommend iMovie Basics, which gives teachers a great starting point for learning how to use iMovie in class.

For: Teachers and Students

Price: $4.99    Download Link

Requires WiFi?: No

Educational Applications

  • Digital Storytelling (Scriptwriting, storyboarding)
  • Recording special educational events
  • Greenscreen presentations (advanced users)
  • Create short documentaries / tutorials (e.g. in Science)
  • The possibilities are endless!

Classroom Examples

Further Reading

How do YOU use iMovie in the classroom?

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