Tips2012 Professional Learning #6: Catholic Education

Sharing the learning from TIPS Research Project

I am looking forward to sharing the progress of the Tpack iPad Project in Schools with the management team at Catholic Education in Perth tomorrow.  I will be sharing some of the research findings regarding the needs of teachers for professional learning.

  • The role of ICT in the National Curriculum
  • The importance of the development of Professional Learning Networks.
  • The use of Social Networks as a professional learning tool.
  • The theoretical background framing the TIPS  research project
  • TPACK and the SAMR Model
  • How to plan using the Integrated Challenge Framework.
  • How to support teachers as they introduce iPad technologies in their classrooms.

Tips2012 iPad App Guide #9: Diigo

Diigo is a connected teacher’s best friend!

Diigo provides a simple way to bookmark, annotate, and search the hundreds, if not thousands of websites that we bookmark from our Twitter feeds, web searches, and collegial recommendations. It allows users to tag, highlight, and add sticky notes to ANY webpage, and because they are stored in the cloud, they can be accessed on almost any device. And it’s available as an iPad app!

We highly recommend the Diigo for Educators account (free, but requires a school email address), which provides teachers, and their students, with a powerful research tool at their fingertips. To find out how you can use Diigo in the classroom, please review the links below.

Don’t forget to install the web highlighter / toolbar for your browser!

For: Teachers, Students, Administrators

Cost: Free (Download)

Requires WiFi?: Yes

Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember! from diigobuzz on Vimeo.

Educational Applications

  • Research / Inquiry – share useful links
  • Collate favourite classroom games
  • Professional Development (Curate favourite websites)
  • Join Diigo education groups (examples)

Examples of Diigo Libraries

Further Reading

How do you use Diigo? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Tips2012 iPad App Guide #4: Flipboard


Flipboard creates interactive digital magazines on your iPad based on your selection of social media feeds – from news websites, Twitter, Google Reader, blogs, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs. It brings reading to life, and it’s FREE!

Flipboard is useful for teachers interested in connecting, sharing, and learning with other teachers around the world (via their Personal Learning Networks); and has interesting applications in the (secondary) classrooms.

For: Teachers, Students (Secondary)

Cost: Free (Download here)

Requires WiFi?: Yes

Educational Applications

Aggregate social networking and news feeds (teachers)

  • Easily keep up to date with educational blogs in your Google (RSS) Reader
  • Link to classroom Twitter / Facebook accounts to share links, pictures, and photos with students and their parents. Check the permissions of your school and district before using social networks with the students.
  • Subscribe to newspapers around the world
  • Explore texts & online media written in foreign languages
  • Create virtual textbooks (example)

Further Reading

15 Fantastic Uses of Flipboard (Cool Cat Teacher blog)