Tips 2012 Professional Learning #13: M-Learning beyond the classroom walls

I enjoyed presenting a plenary session at The Christian Schools Assocation National Leadership Conference. It is a great pleasure to work with such a committed group of educational leaders as they plan how to move schools forward to embrace mobile learning and the educational possibilities it offers in schools. I am happy to be part of this exciting learning journey with CSA.

Here is an outline of today`s plenary session.

M-learning: Education beyond the walls of the classroom.

Mobile devices are changing our lives, but how can they best be used in classrooms?

Dr Jenny Lane is a research fellow at Edith Cowan University, currently researching “m-learning” – the use of mobile technologies to open up a field of learning beyond the classroom wall.  Her research shows that teachers need to be trained to bring together technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (the TPACK framework) for a tool like the iPad to be effective. Many teachers are following the TIPS Research Project Blog in which Dr. Lane guides school leaders and teachers as they use mobile devices in schools.

This session will provide both theoretical and practical insights.

“We explored a range of research based approaches to support schools and teachers as they include M-learning strategies and take the learning beyond the walls of the classroom.” 

“To make this  an effective learning strategy, this needs to be is a long-term process that requires visionary leadership and strategic planning involving the whole school and the community.”Dr. Jenny Lane