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About me, Dr. Jenny Lane, I am a teacher educator and researcher. I have taught in schools for over twenty years working with Ict in education, supporting students with diverse learning needs and adults with communication difficulties.

I lecture in education at a University in Perth, Western Australia. One of the focuses of my research fellowship is to investigate the integration of Ict specifically iPads in education.

In the Tips2012 Project I work with fabulous teachers and support them as they introduce iPad technology in their classrooms. I work with preservice teachers in a learning module called “teaching and learning with touch technologies”.
In 2011 I worked on the Teaching Teachers for the Future Project an Australian Project linking all 39 Universities to enhance the integration of Ict integration in all teacher education courses.

I enjoy travelling and sharing ideas with teachers and teacher educators in different countries, doing conference presentations and presenting professional learning on new technologies for teachers.

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  1. Cool! I also want my school to use all ipads! i want texts books and exercise books to be all in one place THE IPAD! I hope this website can make my school agree that ipads are really useful tool!

  2. Hi
    I am an HOLA at Livingwaters Lutheran College in Warnbro and would like to know if you are able to present our lead ICT group with a PD session on Edmodo and iPads please.

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