Your Tips: What is your best maths app?

Your views are important to this research. Help us in the Tips research project to support teachers as they use iPads in education.

This week, our focus is on maths.

How do you use iPads to support teaching and learning in maths classes? Please leave us a comment sharing details of the maths apps you use, and a short descriptor of how you use them in your classroom.

Give us some guidelines about which grade levels will find the app or activity most useful.

Dr. Jenny Lane

5 thoughts on “Your Tips: What is your best maths app?

  1. Hello Jen,
    Nice hearing from you. I use Apps like FactrSamurai for introducing prime factorization of numbers, FractionBasic for introducing types of fractions, conversion among them, addition, subtraction etc. I also use Sketch Explorer for showing Geometry using patterns, Video Calculus for showing videos describing limits of functions, differentiation and Anti Differentiation etc and last but certainly NOT the least I show them videos from the KhanAcademy app where they can practically review any of the topics in which they have questions or doubts with.

    Trust this helps Jen 🙂
    Keep in touch



    • Thanks so much Vijay
      I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. All maths teachers can benefit from your extensive experience in teaching mathematics and using iPads


  2. Check out our MathTappers Apps – 7 different apps – each designed by us (math educators) to help kids make sense of math. They are all free and have no ads. Addition, clock, equivalent fractions, fraction estimation, numberline, probability lab, carbon choices.

  3. A great and free graphing calculator which I use to show graphs instead of the TI83Plus is called Free Graphing calculator. Also, Angle Meter can be used to measure the angles of certain slopes during a trigonometry investigation.

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