Tips2012: Will the iPad 3 be a game changer?

I am eagerly waiting for the new product launch in San Francisco. There have been many whispers on the networks about the nature of the new machine. The key question for educators is how will this device make learning more engaging and effective.Will this device be a game changer? send us your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Tips2012: Will the iPad 3 be a game changer?

  1. Just watched the new iPad video. Music teachers will love the new GarageBand that allows up to 4 students to collaborate wirelessly to create a shared music project. Jam time! I was also impresses to see that iPhoto is now available on the iPad. Makes lots of sense with the enhanced display. Adds another level of use for students who don’t have access to a MacBook.
    Power to the visual learners among us.

    • Thanks for your comments Jamie
      I agree the collaboration aspect will create amazing possibilities in the classroom.
      Another favourite new features is that you can use the iPad3 to create your own wireless hot spot- great for teachers who don’t have a robust wifi network

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