Tips2012:iPad App Guide #27: Tools 4 Students

Tools 4 Students is an incredibly useful iPod Touch / iPad app, providing teachers and students with 25 editable graphic organisers to organise their thinking and comprehend new information.

Students can save their work on their iPad, export to Dropbox, or email completed organisers to their teacher, who can share them via Google Docs or print them off. The app can also be projected onto an whiteboard for whole-class demonstrations and activities.

For: Teachers, Students

Cost: $0.99 – Worth every cent! (Download Link)

Requires WiFi?: No.


One thought on “Tips2012:iPad App Guide #27: Tools 4 Students

  1. I want to know what happened to Tools 4 Students. The App has COMPLETELY changed. Can you please turn it back to the way is was before.

    Thank You,
    Kaitlyn Devercelly

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