Tips2012 iPad App Guide #11: Pages

Pages is a feature-rich word processing app for iPad. Users can select from a range of pre-formatted templates, or create a document from scratch. Best used with an external keyboard, Pages is quick and easy to use, and is ideal for typing up notes, creating new documents, etc.

It offers options to export documents (via email) in Pages format (for Mac), Microsoft Word, or PDF, ensuring that they can be read on different platforms. A recent (2013) update finally enables users to open Pages documents in other apps, including Dropbox.  

For: Teachers, Students, Administrators

Cost: $10.49 AUD (Download Link)

Requires Wifi?: No

Educational Applications

  • A useful replacement for Microsoft Word – which negates the need to leave class to go to the computer lab.
  • Word processing applications (handouts, notes)
  • Useful templates for posters, letters, etc.
  • Create ePubs, or eBooks – to share on the iPad

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