The effective integration of ICT in classrooms is challenge for both current and future teachers. This has been identified as an area of concern in a number of National and International studies.

The integration of ICT is a key element in every learning area in the new Australian National Curriculum (ACARA, 2010). Koehler and Mishra (2008) developed a conceptual model (TPACK), which describes the different types of knowledge required by teachers working in 21st Century Schools.


In this model, Content Knowledge (CK) – “knowing what to teach”, Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) – “knowing how to teach” and Technological Knowledge (TK) – “knowing how to use technology” are three core areas of understanding for teachers.

However the research is indicating that it is the integration of these three types of knowledge that forms the essential new knowledge, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK), that teachers need for teaching in 21st Century contexts.

In the TIPS2012 Project, I am working with teachers supporting them as they plan their lessons ensuring all aspects are covered for successful ICT integration. My research measures this process and the impact on learning.

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