Tips2012: Say Hello to your new iPad

If you are a new iPad user, this post will guide you through the basics and help you to get started.

You initially need to use the USB cable (provided) to connect your iPad to a computer, it can be a Mac or a PC. iTunes will automatically load and prompt you to set up and register the iPad and create a unique Apple ID. The Apple ID has a user name and a password, which you will use to access the iTunes Store.

The iTunes Store has a range of books, applications, and music which you can download onto your iPad. Some of the applications, commonly known as “apps” are free, while others are paid. You pay for these apps using a credit card, or a purchased iTunes voucher.

When you set up your iPad for the first time, you will be prompted to set up iCloud. This is an online data storage facility which enables you to back up your iPad data (contacts, apps, photos, songs), and sync them across a number of devices (e.g. your iPhone, iPod Touch), providing they all use the same Apple ID.

On this blog we will be discussing teaching and learning strategies to maximise the effective use of iPads as teaching and learning tools.

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